A plaintiff tried to get discovery from VW.

This is the Court’s Ruling:

“In the interests of judicial efficiency and management of the Court‟s docket, the Court DENIES WITHOUT PREJUDICE Mr. Yarin’s motions for discovery. The parties to the MDL are currently processing Class Members’ claims in the 2.0-liter settlement as well as settling and resolving the remaining consumer class claims, including in the 3.0-liter and Bosch settlements, which will require a large-scale class notice program as well as additional claims processing if the Court grants final approval. The parties’ time and resources are presently best spent on these class-wide settlements that affect hundreds of thousands of Class Members. The Court nevertheless recognizes that thousands of individuals, including Mr. Yarin, have opted out or will opt out of the class settlements and continue to pursue their own litigations; the Court will turn to such litigations at the appropriate time, at which time Mr. Yarin may, if he so chooses, renew his motions for discovery.”

As you can see from this ruling, many of us are trying to get the court’s attention. It will not hear our motions at this time. We will not stop trying. As soon as the court or VW responds, we will let you know.