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Hyde & Swigart’s Lemon Law department can assist you with defective new and used cars, sold under warranty. If the dealerships have been unable to repair the defects in your car after a reasonable number of opportunities to do so, you may have what we refer to as a “Lemon.”

Under California’s Lemon laws, you have four years within which to request a repurchase of your vehicle. Some manufacturers represent that you must take action within 18 months or 18,000 miles. That is a misrepresentation of the Lemon laws.

If you contact us, we will provide a free, quick Lemon Law evaluation. Even though we have six offices, it is not necessary for you to meet with us face to face. We can analyze your repair orders, your purchase documents and evaluate the strength of your case. If your vehicle appears to be a Lemon, we will represent you on a contingency basis which means you pay no money to us for us to litigate your case.

Contact us today so that we can evaluate your Lemon by clicking here.