Auto Fraud – Get Started Today

Hyde & Swigart’s Auto Fraud Department can assist you with new and used cars (or other consumer products) which the selling dealership misrepresented to you. Even if your car was sold “as is,” we may be able to help you. Many dealerships conceal prior accident damage, salvage titles, flood cars, titles branded as “Lemons,” prior rental vehicles, all of which are contrary to California consumer laws. Many dealerships misrepresent trade-in cars on the purchase documents, misrepresent down payments or misrepresent the cost of the car. Many dealerships fail to provide a contract in your native language.

If you believe that the dealership was not honest with you, especially if you requested specific information about the car, please let us evaluate your facts.

If you contact us, we will provide a free, quick evaluation for you. Even though we have six offices, it is not necessary for you to meet with us face to face.

We can analyze your repair orders, your purchase documents and evaluate the strength of your case. If our analysis reveals misrepresentation by the dealership, we will represent you on a contingency basis which means you pay no money to us for us to litigate your case.

Contact us today so that we can evaluate dealer fraud by clicking here.